DWI / OUI Legal Defense


Operating a motor vehicle while impaired is the criminal charge that can happen to ordinary, good, people. Flashing blue police lights, roadside interrogation, balance tests in the shadows of a police cruiser, hand cuffs, the ride to the jail, the bleak tones of an intoxilyzer machine, the hopelessness of a jail cell, “making bail”...these are the ingredients for a nightmare that has become a reality. Don’t despair. 

Don’t panic. We are in the business of damage control. 

The system of Department of Motor Vehicle license suspension can be daunting. The prospect of a courtroom confrontation can be intimidating. However, we offer guidance and information. You WILL feel a weight lift off your shoulders after talking to me. That’s a guarantee. A telephone consult is always free. Call or text, 24/7, 207-841-4282. If you reach voicemail, leave a short message and I’ll get right back to you.