Criminal Defense


The police and prosecutor have a job to do.  My job is to ensure your rights are protected every step of the way.

We offer the best advocacy possible when you face the artillery of the state.  Everyone is presumed innocent. Each of us has a right to due process.  The government is only as strong as we let it become. 

The defense of drug charges, OUI/DWI, operating after suspension, domestic abuse, shop lifting, protection from abuse, assault, sexual offenses, welfare fraud,  juvenile offenses, and hunting violations, have all been tackled by my office.  I have personally represented hundreds of clients in more than a dozen Maine courts.   My office has tenacity. Whether it’s mounting a constitutional challenge and asking for a confession to be thrown out, or taking your case before a jury of your peers, I will meet strength with strength.

Keep in mind, many criminal cases have “collateral consequences”. This means what may seem like a relatively minor driving offense, or shop lifting, or domestic abuse charge, can have implications for employment, gun ownership, and housing. The “ripple effect” can be more like a tsunami. Don’t be in a rush to plead guilty.

Having a lawyer willing to go to trial is vitally important. A jury is the great equalizer. The police are at the scene. The prosecutor mulls what charges to bring. It is the jury, however, that ultimately sifts the facts and renders a decision. Trial is stressful.    It is a battle few lawyers are equipped to engage in.  As a lawyer, I am fortunate and privileged to have tried many cases in Maine’s great courts. Experience counts. Put mine to work for you. Call or text my cell phone at: 207-841-4282, I will answer or get back to you as soon as I can, even on weekends and after business hours. Or, you can email me at, or call my office at 207-333-3891. Please keep in mind, if I am in court I can’t answer my phone, although answering a text is sometimes possible, even from court.